giovedì 3 gennaio 2013

Sky Silk

She runs and runs
down the forest
a primordial forest
belonging to all of us
because she is me
and you
and all of us
she’s the power
of dreams and fantasy

She runs and runs
and all around her
flower petals
autumn leaves
soft snow
keep falling and falling
because she’s the weather
she’s got the power
of all seasons

She sings and sings
and her voice
is the voice
of thousand angels
Everything stops
when she sings
everyone looks at her
and cries with emotion
and joy

Her hair is gold and silver
and diamonds and crystals
her heart is a ruby fountain
harmony, joy, sweetness
come out from this heart…

if we could only remember
if we could only find our soul

then we could see…

the gold,the diamonds,the petals
that we all keep in our hearts…

- Luciana Figini -

(2002 -scritta ascoltando l’album “Dream Catcher” dei Secret Garden)

1 commento:

  1. Nice poem, wonderful music really make me dream! Neil